Monday, March 20, 2017

Stone Age Houses

This afternoon we have been having a go at building Stone Age homes. We have thought about the materials they used, what the floor and roof would be like. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Learning @ home

Look at our amazing learning at home this term, so far. 

An elephant booklet,

What's inside the box? 
A whole lot of meerkat information! 


Owls and stick bean insects...

and a 'guess what'?

Do pop in and see our fantastic work!

Light and Shadows

We have been learning about how light travels in straight lines, that darkness is the absence of light and that light is the reason we can see things. It was the perfect afternoon yesterday to test out how opaque objects block light and make darker shadows. We had great fun trying to make different shadow puppets. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Performance poetry

Just a couple of clips showing marvellous Mulberries performing some poems. The first one is called Walking With My Iguana, by Brian Moses. They loved learning it and it inspired them to write their own versions. 

This one is called, I like to Play My Old Guitar.

Come back soon to see their own poems being performed!

Forest school skills - willow charcoal

On Friday we went down to the nest to make some willow charcoal to use for stone age drawings. Mrs Kelly had lit the fire ready with her year fours, so we needed to prepare the willow. The willow was from our school grounds too! We used secateurs to get the willow to the right size for the tins, then whittled it. We can't wait to use it!

Photos by Amy


Appreciating the bird song, by the camp fire

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Setting animal traps

We have enjoyed being out on a frosty morning again, setting traps to see if we can track some animals. We have used chocolate this time! 

Stone age skills!

We have been learning some stone age skills with Mrs Good on a Tuesday afternoon. We have had great fun cave painting, rock painting and making axes, whilst learning about life in the Stone Age.