Friday, July 21, 2017

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Harling Old Hall

What a brilliant afternoon we have had at the site of the Old Hall in East Harling. We have learned to be archaeologists with Mr Oughton and have looked carefully at some ruins. We found a piece of Medieval stone that had been carved, which may have been part of the Old Hall. 

We learned about where the Old Hall would have stood, within Evie's Nanny and Grandad's fields. We could tell where the foundations were from aerial photographs that the Historic Environment Service sent us, then Mr Oughton showed us exactly where this was, using Google Earth. 

Harling Old Hall would have been about the same size as Oxburgh Hall, with windows like Hardwick Hall. 

It was built by Sir Thomas Lovell, who was Chancellor to the Exchequer for Henry VIII!

We also went on a treasure hunt around the grounds, to find interesting things and to also think about what life was like here.

Ask me about the time capsule and the scroll! 

Many thanks to Mr and Mrs Green for kindly allowing us to explore on their land, Mr Oughton for teaching us to be archaeologists and the lovely ladies who accompanied us on our trip.  

An Historical Walk

Last Friday we took an historical walk around part of East Harling. We have learned a lot about Jubilee Avenue and The Crescent from our visitors and from the Harling Memories history book. 

We learned about the well, what the houses were made of and about the outside toilets. Mrs Coleman had already visited us in class, when she told us all about living here when she was a child. 

We visited her shed, which used to be the toilet. They are protected buildings now as they are part of our history.

We looked at some of the houses on our walk home, to deduce whether they are old or new. There were lots of clues.