Friday, March 31, 2017

Stone Age tools and pottery

Our first activity today was to see if we could find all the items on our sheets and work out what they were used for. They were all 5000 years old, apart from some of the organic items, which were replicas. 


We practised our stalking and hunting skills, to catch wild boar. We had to work together, keep low, move quietly and slowly before throwing our spears.

Stone Age shelters

We worked together to make Stone Age shelters that could be erected and dismantled quickly. We won this challenge out of all the schools! 


Flint tools

In our first activity today, we had to try and find out how Stone Age people held the tools and what they were used for.

We found out these were called flint scrapers. 

We Lso learned that jadeite came from Switzerland and was polished for about 24 hours, using sandstone. They were kept as ornaments and weren't used as tools. We had to do a treasure hunt in the museum, which was fun!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Hunter gatherers

This afternoon we have been gathering things from the land to make the roofs on our stone age homes. There was lots of big thinking and problem solving happening!

Big thinking!

Will this keep someone dry? How can we improve it?

'I think this will work!'

Moss might help